Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions for My Pages


1.1 Scope of terms and conditions

This agreement applies to the customer (from now on called any form of "you"), and Securitas Direct Sweden AB (from now on called any form of "we"). Securitas Direct Sweden AB is a Swedish limited liability company with corporate identity number 55153-2176, PO Box 2511, S-580 02, Linköping, Sweden.

This agreement covers the usage of all functions and services applied through ‘My Pages’, from now on called "the Service". Beside these conditions, your agreement regarding subscription, installation, service and monitoring will be applied. In case of a conflict between these terms and conditions and such agreement, these terms and conditions regarding the Service own precedence for the supply and use of the Service.

1.2 Generic information

We have full ownership to the Service and all material that belongs to the same, this includes software and brand. We have – with exclusion for what is stated in our legal notice (see more information below under section 1.3 Personal information) a right to use, copy, show, change, erase, leave out, make available for third party and transfer the information and material that you enter on the Service.

We have the right to change these terms and conditions at any time. We have an obligation to inform you about changes at least thirty (30) days before they become active. We can at any time with immediate effect and without prior notice perform changes that are caused by law, regulation or authority decision.

The same way we can change these conditions, we can at any time change the Service and add or remove functionality. If you resist a change of these terms and conditions or the Service, you have the right to cancel the Service and stop using it before the change become active. If a change is carried out with immediate effect without prior notice and you resist such change, you must cancel the Service when information about the change is sent to you. If you continue using the Service after you have received information regarding the change you are considered to having accepted the change.

1.3 Personal information

In correlation with your use of the Service, you might enter personal data about yourself or other persons, further can data about your user account be classified as personal data.

Read about how we use personal data supplied by you, and your rights relating thereto in our legal notice (in Swedish) at www.securitasdirect.se/villkor. We might update the legal notice from time to time. The latest version of our legal notice will be published on the above stated webpage and we urge you to regularly control if any changes has been made.

By supplying personal data of others, you certify that you have authorization to supply such data and that the data may be used for the purposes and in the way described above.

1.4 Registration

When you create your user account for your security system, you are obliged to enter correct and complete information. You cannot start using the Service before you have completed the registration.

1.5 Your responsibilities

You are responsible for protecting your hardware and software from unauthorized access, virus, spy ware and other forms of intentional code. When not using the Service we recommend that you should be logged out.

You are responsible that the email address provided is at all-time correct and up to date. You are solely responsible for all usage of your user account, including changes and sent messages. You are responsible for storing your user name and password in such a way that unauthorized people cannot access it. If you suspect that someone unauthorized has gotten access to your user account, you must immediately inform us.

When you are using the Service, you should follow applicable laws and regulations as well as rules and other conditions that are stated in these terms and conditions or other instructions from us. If we discover changes or additions done by you that do not appear to be compatible with these conditions, applicable laws or instructions from us, we have the right to investigate and solely decide whether the changes or additions should be changed or deleted.

The Service must not be used in a way that can hurt us or our franchise takers/partner firms. You will be obliged to compensate us for any loss, demand or damage we suffer due to you abusing the Service. Furthermore, you must not harm, inactivate, overload or worsen the Service (or the networks connected to the Service) or disturb others usage of the Service, transfer, make available or in other ways spread any part of the Service.

You are responsible for all fees (i.e. for internet access) that are connected to the usage of the Service. You are also responsible for roaming fees, which could occur when accessing the Service from a different country than the one your user account is connected to.

1.6 Term and cancellation

Our commitment to supply the Service is valid until further notice. The Service might temporarily, and without prior notice, be taken out of usage due to system failure, maintenance, repairs or reasons that we cannot control.

We have the right to cancel the Service with immediate effect if (1) you violate your obligations according to these conditions, (2) we shall merge the Service with another service, (3) we change the conditions for the Service or (4) we cancel the Service all together.

We have the right to transfer our rights and obligations according to these conditions, in its fullness or partly, to another party.

As a customer you can cancel the usage of the Service at any time.

1.7 Messages between you and us

You can send messages to us in ways that are described within the Service. You are also responsible for studying the content of messages that are sent to you by us. Messages via email are considered received by you three (3) days after they have been sent. Messages that are published on the Service are considered received by you seven (7) days after publishing date.

1.8 Miscellaneous

A dispute relating to these terms and conditions shall be settled in accordance with Swedish law, and in Swedish court – if not otherwise is stated in your agreement relating subscription, installation, service or monitoring.


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